Alt MANAGEMENT AREA We work as a team with management,
to face current problems as quickly
as possible.

So that you can focus on your managerial tasks.

Allow us to carry out the costly procedures of locating, financing, and importing spare parts, machines, and equipment that maintain the production, invoicing, and consequent liquidity of your company.

We are strategic suppliers to help repair your machines, avoid breakdowns and keep them in good condition.


We do our business in such a way that it is favored to repeat with us.

We are determined that, considering the Price vs. Benefit analysis, we will always be more competitive.
We want our clients to consider us their strategic suppliers and friends, being recognized, reliable, effective, and timely.

It is necessary to solve the problems of the present.

Before management can think about facing the future, you know you have to be in conditions of solving the problems of the present in less time and with greater efficiency and duration, and have a methodical approach with the rest of the team.

You know these three different dimensions of business.

These tasks overlap and you can count on ImportSoluciones to perform them:
1. The current company must be endowed with efficiency.
2. You must identify and understand its potential.
3. You must transform yourself TODAY into a different company for a different future.
All three must be done at the same time: Today!
The future will not be made tomorrow, we are building it today through the decisions and actions directed to the current task.
You can count on ImportSoluciones.

Our priority is to urgently stop further hidden losses by putting your stopped machine back to work quickly.

We avoid losses of money and prestige, which lead to production stoppages, lack of liquidity, and wasted opportunities.

We forge long-term relationships.

We understand that in our business it is vital that the clients want to repeat and that they also recommend us. This is our best rating.

We understand that maintenance, repair and updating are an investment that turns into increased production and corresponding liquidity.

Tell us what you need. We suggest you put us to the test!