Alt PURCHASING AREA We work as a team with the
Purchasing Departments,
collaborating with your urgent needs.

Purchasing management is an investment.

We understand that purchasing management is directly related to the potential profits of the company.

We work with all industries, all industrial maintenance lines, and all brands.

Our associates and agents throughout the world allow us to supply you in a timely and efficient way with what you need regarding Mechanics, Electronics, Electrical, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Metrology, Instruments, Lubrication, Automation, and any other line. We give equal importance to a screw as to a machine when it comes to spare parts, equipment, and industrial machinery.

We can serve high-value and high quantity businesses.

We work at our own warehouse and facilities. We are stable, traceable, and reliable.

We gladly perform time-consuming, costly, and delicate import procedures for you.

We offer you a complete package, from the identification of your need to the final check that everything has gone well: From localization abroad, financing the supplier, advance payment of transport, nationalization, taxes, and warehousing, to delivering it to your facilities as if it were a local purchase and verifying your complete satisfaction.

We have better delivery times.

With ImportSoluciones you WIN because you can pay for your purchase with a quick return to machine production and the corresponding billing.
Considering the cost vs. BENEFIT analysis, it is convenient to work with us.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

We transfer the manufacturer’s warranty to you and we accompany you until we verify your complete satisfaction.

We contribute to creating an environment of teamwork.

As suppliers, we align ourselves with the Maintenance, Production, PURCHASING, Financial, Accounting, Receipts Warehouse collaborators and the policies and strategies of the company in concrete actions that meet the needs of its coworkers.

We understand that maintenance is an important investment.

Maintenance becomes more production to be billed to your customers, thus generating the consequent liquidity and vital profits for the company.

Price vs. BENEFIT analysis: Consider these benefits for the Purchasing Department in particular and the company in general.

We want you to want to repeat your purchases with us.

We are available to discuss in advance all the terms of the negotiation. We are determined that, considering the Price vs. BENEFIT analysis, we will always be the most competitive option. We make our business a win–win for both parties.

We want our relationships with you to be permanent and long-term.

We understand that in our business it is vital that the clients want to repeat and that they also recommend us.


We have been working for 20 years and have magnificent references.

ImportSoluciones collaborates with imports from many of the country’s leading companies. You can see them in the following link, they all rate us at least 4 out of 5.


We are universal suppliers, specialized for the Industry.

We supply ANY original spare part, machine, or equipment in the quantity you need. We locate, finance and import quickly.


We are international suppliers.

With our associates in the USA, Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Mexico, we quote quickly and, with your order, import the original spare part, machine, or brand equipment you need.

Our priority is to attend to the maintenance department and reactivate its production.

A stopped machine prevents you from invoicing production. We urgently stop the greatest hidden losses, of both money and prestige, which cause production stoppage and wasted opportunities.

We have 220 agents throughout the world.

We do not depend on a local representative. With our agents, we quickly turn to brand representatives in other countries to solve your need.

We do not wait to consolidate cargo.

Our urgent logistics team REALLY DOES give the same importance to a screw as to a machine. With your purchase order, we will quickly import your spare part.


We honor the terms of the quote approved by you

according to your request regarding price, delivery times, and receipt site.

We request and send technical information in advance.

To prevent errors, we require a part number, brand, reference, and description to confirm and support your purchase properly.

We deliver your orders with all the requested documents.

For the entire operation to flow—purchasing, maintenance, production, receipt warehouse, accounting, treasury, and others— we process and issue all the necessary documents to legalize the delivery: quote, purchase order, remission, and invoice according to your instructions.


We guarantee that the spare parts, machinery, and equipment that we deliver correspond exactly to your order.

Part number, brand, reference, and originality.

We guarantee that the machinery, equipment, and spare parts we deliver are paid for and nationalized.

You can be sure that our deliveries are free from any title or legal obstacle with the DIAN or any other corresponds entity.

If we receive a new import request for your company, we will take that as a sign that we have done WELL.

We work long-term. Our best rating is having you repeat orders with us and the recommendation of our services.


We offer credit so that your purchase is paid as fast as your machine can produce, and you have time to verify that we have handled your need to your complete satisfaction.

We take care of advance and down payments.

We finance supplier transfers, advance transportation, nationalization, taxes, warehousing, and we deliver to your facilities as though it were a simple local purchase.

In this time of credit restrictions, when financing is most required, you can count on ImportSoluciones.


We deliver imported products to you as if they were a simple local purchase.

With your single purchase order, we take care of the entire import package. We locate, finance, and import the product you need so that you can attend to other important matters.

We are present in your company.

We go to your company and meet with the people who need our services to collect information from them. If necessary, we go to your plant. We always find a way to collaborate.


We provide quotes very quickly.

With complete brand, reference, and part number information, our urgent logistics team provides a quote within 24 to 48 hours.

We meet the promised delivery dates.

Your urgency is our highest priority. We import, if in stock, from the USA in 1-6 days, from Europe in 3-8 days, and from Asia in 6-10 days.
If it is for manufacturing, we give you the scheduled time and keep you informed, so you can plan maintenance or installations.

Tell us what you need. We suggest you put us to the test!