Alt WAREHOUSE AREA We work as a team with the
receipt warehouses,
collaborating with their needs.

We meet the promised delivery dates.

We solve production stoppages due to deterioration of parts, spare parts, or any other cause, to continue generating profits and meeting the needs of your customers.

We guarantee that we will accompany you until you are completely satisfied.

All of our products have our written guarantee of complete satisfaction or your money back.

Warehouses have a direct effect on company results.

They require trained and motivated personnel due to the high responsibility they entail. They are not storage units. ImportSoluciones is your strategic ally who works as a team with you, the warehouse managers.

Warehouses are part of the supply chain.

A well-organized warehouse requires that products and complete documentation be delivered to you, allowing you to have effective stock control, and to eliminate production, billing, and delivery problems due to shortages.

We guarantee that the spare parts we deliver correspond exactly to your order.

We work only with original spare parts, machines, and equipment. We are exact in quantity and quality and we guarantee that they are free of any title or legal obstacle with the DIAN or any other entity (They are paid and nationalized).

We have 220 agents worldwide.

At ImportSoluciones we help you quickly replenish the missing spare parts for machines or original equipment that you need. We do not depend on a local representative to solve your need. We can quickly turn to brand representatives in other countries when necessary.

We do not wait to consolidate cargo.

We are your strategic suppliers in the rapid supply of imported original spare parts, machinery, or equipment. Our urgent logistics do give the same importance to a screw as to a machine. With your purchase order, we will quickly import your spare part.

We solve treasury arrears.

We take care of advance payments. We offer credit so that your purchase is paid as fast as your machine can produce, and you have time to verify that we have handled your need to your complete satisfaction.

Urgently stop the biggest hidden losses of money and prestige caused by the production stoppage.

ImportSoluciones contributes to the rapid resolution of these costly situations:

-Production stoppages due to missing spare parts,, machines, or equipment.
Difficult and time-consuming processing for an urgent import.
Raw material bottlenecked because it cannot be processed.
Not being able to bill and charge for the stopped production.
Payment of interest and fees for valuable offline machines or equipment.
Lack of support due to poorly attended guarantees.
“Informal” imports and the resulting sanctions.

We keep you informed of the process.

We simplify import procedures and processes and keep you informed, from knowing your need to checking your solution to your complete satisfaction and starting over with another solution.

Tell us what you need. We suggest you put us to the test!